What happens after I place my order?

Every order goes through a four-part process

1. Order Confirmation

After you have confirmed and paid for your purchase you will receive an automated confirmation email letting you know that we are processing your order. This email will contain an estimated production date. For digital print orders the final scheduled production date will generally be much sooner.  you will receive notification of the scheduled production date after your order has been reviewed and confirmed

2. Artwork Approval

Our graphics design team will review your artwork and make any adjustments that you have requested or that are needed to prepare it for printing. If there are any significant changes you may be asked to respond and approve new artwork for your order. If you have requested additional hourly graphic design help or there are significant changes needed this process may take one or several days and may delay your order from the original intended production date.
For most orders the artwork approval process will be automated and you will not receive any notifications about your artwork. Unless you need significant changes to your artwork from what you have submitted online you do not need to worry about this step.

3. Order in Production

Once your artwork is confirmed and the production / shipping date of your order has been confirmed you will receive an email with a scheduled production date. Your order is now considered “In Production” although in most cases it will not be physically produced until the scheduled production date.

4. Order Shipped

On or soon after your order production date you will receive a final email to confirm the shipment of your order and provide you with the tracking information.

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