Embroidered Products


Embroidery is a technique of sewing your custom design onto fabric with colored thread. Most simple logos can be replicated well, and although complex embroidery is possible, it is generally used for smaller logos on higher end products where high quality is of the upmost concern. Embroidery is the most professional way decorate to apparel and a huge array of other products with a classic and timeless look.

Advantages of Embroidery 

  • The Most Professional Way to Display Your Logo
  • Practically Anything Made From Fabric Can Be Embroidered
  • Low Minimums - 6 Pieces
  • Unlimited Thread Colors

Disadvantages Of Embroidery

  • Longer Production Time - Up To 12+ Business Days
  • Artwork Requires Digitization
  • Smaller Decoration Area

Digitizing Artwork For Embroidery

In most cases, after you submit your order, our team of graphic designers will digitize your graphic free of charge.  If your graphic does not meet our quality standards and/or requires extensive re-working, InstaShirt reserves the right to charge an artwork digitization fee and/or charge for our Professional Graphic Design Service.

Pricing For Embrodery

Embroidery prices are based on the number of stitches in your design.  The price for an embroidery design starts with up to 15,000 stitches and the price increases with each additional 1000 stitches.  Most designs up to 4"x 4" can be reproduced with 15,000 stitches or less.

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