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Instashirt for screen printing

There is screen printing, and then there is screen printing. At InstaShirt we believe fantastic printing is as much an art as it is a science. We go above and beyond, taking great care every step of the way to ensure your shirts are as close to perfect as possible. 

We are not some huge "production shop" with dozens of presses, hundreds of employees, and loud managers trying to pump out as many units per hour as humanly possible in an effort to pad the pockets of nameless shareholders. We are a "boutique shop," approaching screen printing from an artisan's perspective. The only shareholder around here is me, and my desire is to sleep soundly at night knowing that my prints are fantastic, and my customers are happy.  

We may not be the very cheapest option- although our rates are very competitive- and we may not be the very fastest either- sometimes doing it right takes a little extra time. We are quick, we always meet our deadlines, and we are good. In fact, we are very good, and we've got soul.

Pick a blank below to get started. Let's create something special together. 

                                                                              -Joe Reynolds (founder, owner, operator, since 2003)    

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