Full color dtg express, DTG, and screen printing

Need shirts Fast? InstaShirt is proud to introduce 2-3 day turnaround via "DTG Express" full color printing on many of our most popular products. DTG Express printing uses the same high-quality "touchless" ink we use to print white and light color shirts, but we are now offering on a wider range of shirt colors to maximize your options. DTG Express uses no underbase below the color ink. Since the ink is translucent, the print colors are affected by the color of the shirt. Imagine using magic markers on colored construction paper, no amount of yellow marker is going to turn a navy blue paper yellow. 

DTG Express Color Charts

Without a white "underbase" the shirt color affects the ink color

DTG Printing

In a nutshell, a DTG or Direct to garment printing printer, is a big, glorified, ink-jet printer that prints your design or photo directly onto your shirt, using a very specialized, permanent, pigment-based ink, that will even even stand up to bleach (although we don’t usually recommend bleaching anything).

InstaShirt.com's digital printing processes have been developed specifically to address quality, efficiency and cost, using the latest in printing technology to deliver cutting edge digital printing options. Our advanced print-on-demand technology provides what you want when you want it. No more inventory, no more obsolete stock. Inventory or warehousing can be things of the past, and if you're a printer or wholesaler, no more prepress expenses associated with conventional printing processes.

Our digital printing is the future of printing and delivers high quality, quick turnarounds. Have your custom apparel printed with digital speed and precision and then shipped directly to your customers without ever lifting a finger.

Here are some tips you can use to get the very best results from your graphics

-Graphics submitted for DTG printing should be formatted in RGB, as opposed to CMYK. Graphics submitted in CMYK tend to turn out dull and lighter in color that graphics formatted in RGB.

-Exact color matching is not really possible with DTG printing. The most common complaint we get from customers is that some of the colors are not what they were expecting.  We recommend you do a test print on you own color printer first, and see how it looks. Chances are your final print is going to look more like the test print, than you monitor.  Usually DTG colors look lighter in real life than they do on your computer screen. If you are considering a large order, we would recommend contacting us directly to discuss a sending you a sample print. 


Screen Printing

Screen Printing , Screen-printing, Screenprinting or "Silk Screen" is the age old process of squeezing ink through a stencil. It is an incredibly messy process that takes a lot of time to set up (and clean up after), so we have a 24 piece minimum. The trick to screen printing is that the more total shirts you order, the cheaper each shirt gets.  

InstaShirt's Screen Printing is executed using top quality inks, and high quality professional equipment. We do our very best to provide you with the very best screen printed products possible, based on the quality of the art you have provided.


  1. Are you screen printing a business or corporate logo?
  2. Do you need the colors to be exactly the same as your logo's colors?
  3. Do you need to colors of your design to be EXACT?


If the answer is yes to any of those questions is "Yes," than you will need to supply us with the correct PANTONE numbers for the job. Remember, due to variation in color of computer monitors, online pantone swatches cannot be trusted. 

Without a Pantone #, we will do our best to match the colors presented (as we see and interpret them), but we do not, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of those colors.

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