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White & Light Color Shirts- DTG Express



Although it isn't exactly T-Shirt Magic, sometimes it sure seems like it. With Direct To Garment (aka DTG) printing, we can print FULL-COLOR and PHOTOS on a t-shirt without all the hassles of multiple-color screen printing, and we can do as many or as few as you want. Need just one? Not a problem!  Need several hundred (or more)? We can do that!

DTG printing is done on a large ink jet printer that has many similarities to your home or office printer. The difference is that instead of paper being fed through it, a DTG machine prints directly onto SHIRTS. The prints have no feel to them, no rubbery or plastic texture of any kind, and will never peal or crack. The ink essentially "becomes one" with the shirt, and lasts a LONG time. 

The Express DTG  InstaShirt is offering here uses only color ink to print, so you can expect the shirt color to have an effect on the colors in the print. We often describe it as being kind of like coloring with Crayola markers on colored construction paper. All the colors look great on white and light color papers, but if you try to draw on dark blue, there is no amount of yellow maker that is going to make that sun look bright and shiny.  Because of this, we have limited the shirt colors available for Express DTG to those that will have a minimal effect on the translucent ink. 

For those looking for darker or more vivid shirt colors, white ink, and truer print colors, check out Dark Shirt DTG.

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