1. Are you screen printing a business or corporate logo?

    pantone      swatch graphic
  2. Do you need the INK colors to be exactly the same as your logo's colors?
  3. Do you need the print colors of your design to be an EXACT MATCH?

* We do not PMS match shirt colors

If the answer is yes to any of those questions is "Yes," than you will need to supply us with the correct PANTONE numbers for the job.  There is a custom mixing fee of $15 for each color. Remember, due to variation in color of computer monitors, online pantone swatches cannot be trusted due to variance in monitors.


Without a Pantone #, we will do our best to match the colors presented (as we see and interpret them), but we do not, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of those colors.  


*Matching DTG ink is not so simple.  It is a very time consuming "guess and check" process that we usually only do for very special orders.

*Custom shirt color matching is not really an option without a minimum of 20,000 units, it generally takes months, and it is not something we do. It is possible to get lucky and find a shirt that already matches your PANTONE number, and we may be able to help you find it.