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10 Full Color T-Shirts for Only $10 each

With Free Ground Shipping.


What you get:
10 white t-shirts, with a Full Color DTG print, FAST turn around, and FREE GROUND SHIPPING.

We also offer Natural, Gray, Light Blue, Pink, Yellow, with new colors coming soon.


full color t-shirt printing - fast service,  cheap prices,  and high quality

 Click Here to start designing your shirts now 

These shirts ship in 3 days or less!!

Your shirts can be decorated with graphics, photos, just words, or what ever you want. Our Online Shirt Design Studio lets you design and quote your shirt orders in real-time. You can create a shirt design using our graphics and text editor, or use your own complete and ready-to-go graphic. We try to print most DTG orders in just a couple days. If you are in a bind, we can often print and ship same day or next day*, and we also offer faster shipping upgrades.  


We print your shirts using some of the finest digital shirt printing technology available. The print itself has almost no feel to it, and will never crack or peal, and will last at least the life of the shirt. The print will age (as nothing stays new forever), as the shirts age, but the print will fade slowly, and in a really great "organic" sort of way - just how your would expect.


Econo full color t-shirt printing - 3 day free shipping

All the shirts must have the same print, in the same location in order to qualify for the 10@$10 deal.

XXL and larger shirts cost $2 more per shirt.

Limited selection of color shirts available or only $1 more each - NOTE: The DTG ink is transparent in nature. The denser or more vibrant the shirt color is, the more the shirt color will affect the colors of your print. When realistic or fairly specific colors are needed, White shirts are best, followed very closely by Ash, Natural, Light blue, Light Pink, sand, tan, and several other light color shirts. If you want to try your luck with even darker shirts (say for instance you just want black ink on blue shirts - which works great), you can check out the Econo DTG section.


I want more than 10 shirts

--Great, If you order 24 or more, they only cost $8 each, and you still get free shipping. 


I only want 5 shirts (or 1 shirt)

--No problem. You can buy just one shirt (people do it all the time), A singles start at $20, and 3-5 shirts will cost only $14 each.



* Make sure to contact us about availability before making assumptions- these times are never guaranteed unless you pay for rush service, or Joe or Mike tells you in writing or specifically over the phone, based on your specic due date.

Download the full resolution Color Chart (4.4 mb)

Download the full resolution custom graphic template

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